Peru Duck Hunting Photos

Peru duck hunting photos demonstrate the Pacific-coastal region north of Lima that entails the greatest density of cinnamon teal anywhere in the world.  Combine with duck hunting unique waterfowl species at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains. Waterfowl species while duck hunting in Peru coastal areas include cinnamon teal, white-cheeked pintails, knob-billed ducks, occasional blue-winged teal and yellow-billed pintail. Mountain species duck hunting in Peru include Andean geese, crested ducks, puna teal, sharp-winged teal. Torrent ducks, giant coots and Andean ruddy ducks may be observed but can no longer be taken. Legally taken Peru waterfowl species may be imported. Duck hunt Peru for a one-of-a-kind experience. Peru duck hunting photos don’t di justice. Seeing is believing. Duck hunts in Peru are immersive, a chance to hunt ducks off-the-beaten path where fewer have traveled.

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