russia capercaillie hunting

Russia Capercaillie Hunt

RUSSIA CAPERCAILLIE HUNTINGRussia Capercaillie Hunting takes places in the Republic of Karelia, north of St. Petersburg sometimes as far north as the edge of the arctic circle (distance and location vary depending on bird activity and bird activity). Capercaillie hunting and black grouse hunting are the primary purpose of this trip, but limited opportunities for waterfowl and other upland birds might also be possible.  Russia capercaillie hunting occurs late-April through late-May to coincide with the courtship rituals of Western Capercaillie and Black Grouse. The greatest densities of Western Capercaillie and Black Grouse in the world are believed to inhabit this region’s boreal forests.

Species available during Russian capercaillie hunting may include Western Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Hazel Grouse, Snow Grouse (aka Willow Ptarmigan), and European Woodcock. This capercaillie hunt in Russia is a genuine adventure for savvy, travel-minded hunters that like to experience hunts that are well off the beaten path.

Depending on location, guests are usually lodged in either cabins. Accommodations are warm, clean, comfortable and in perfect keeping with authentic, northern Russian capercaillie hunting trip. The upstairs consists of 3 bedrooms capable of sleeping 8 guests. Amenities include fireplace or wood burning stove, large table for seating 7-8 guests, a bathroom with shower, hot and cold running water, microwave, fully-equipped kitchen, satellite TV and adjacent Russian sauna and bathhouse. Cell phone reception can generally good, though variable, throughout the region. A large chest freezer is available for storage.

russia capercaillie huntingDepending on guest hunting schedules, 2-3 large meals are served daily. The food is good, servings are plentiful, and meals consist of traditional Russian dishes – soups, salads, game meats, fish, breads, locally-grown vegetables, potatoes, wild berries, mushrooms and dairy products. Hot tea and coffee are always available, as is mors, a locally popular beverage made of cranberry juice. Field lunches consist of hearty cold cuts, cheeses and breads.

Russia capercaillie hunting may vary from traditional stalks for capercaillie, to blinds for black grouse, pass shooting European woodcock, or rough shooting in general. Other hunting opportunities may exist, but these two species are the crux of the spring Russia capercaillie hunt.

Even with about 22+ hours of hunting daylight – and it never really gets completely “dark” – it’s impossible to do it all in a single day. But relax – there are 6 or 7 days of hunting. With seasonal weather and some luck, it’s more than enough time to chase the various waterfowl and upland species available on this unique Russia capercaillie hunting trip and to take in the beautiful, rarely-hunted environment that can be experienced nowhere else on earth.

Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Snow Grouse, Hazel Grouse and European woodcock might be possible during this Russia Capercaillie Hunt, depending on bird activity and weather, but the hunt is first and foremost about capercaillie and black grouse.  While we’ve hunted ducks here in the past, it has proven an unreliable destination to hunt ducks, and to collect duck species. To target an impressive array of Eurasian waterfowl species, our Azerbaijan duck hunting program is far superior in terms of hunting, species diversity, and bird import.

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