Russia Capercaillie Hunting Gallery

Unique Russia Capercaillie Hunting program takes place in Karelia Province, north of St. Petersburg. During late-April through early-May, bird plumage is ideal breeding plumage for trophy collection purposes. The Capercaillie and Black Grouse courting seasons are ongoing and traditional Russia hunting methods of stalking capercaillie and sitting in blinds on black grouse leks are used.  Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Snow Grouse, Hazel Grouse and European woodcock might be possible, depending on bird activity and weather, but the hunt is first and foremost about capercaillie and black grouse.  While we’ve hunted ducks here in the past, it has proven an unreliable destination to hunt ducks, collect duck species. To target an impressive array of Eurasian waterfowl species, our Azerbaijan duck hunting program is far superior in terms of hunting, species diversity, and bird import.

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