Ramsey Russell's Life Short GetDucks worldwide waterfowling odyssey continues 6,800 miles away, in the small country of Azerbaijan

Ramsey Russell’s Life Short GetDucks worldwide odyssey continues 6,800 miles from home. Azerbaijan duck hunting is among the most unique destinations. As much like traveling through a time machine as halfway across the world to hunt ducks, this duck hunting is an immersive adventure. Duck species are as familiar as northern pintails, mallards, gadwalls and northern shovelers, but the real prizes consist of red-crested pochards, eurasian wigeons and green-winged teal, common shelducks. The culture is vastly more Aladdin than Main Street USA, but Azeri hunters are some of the best and most serious duck hunters encountered worldwide, practicing waterfowl hunting tradition stretching back for centuries, a fundamental skillset for real duck hunting. More info: Azerbaijan duck hunt

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