Life's Short Get Ducks


Mexico duck hunting is fun-filled trigger-pulling adventure, but quality assortment of duck species makes is great destination for collectors, too.

Sonora Mexico duck hunting is an exciting, action-packed hunt – y’all have seen the Life’s Short GetDucks Obregon Mexico duck hunting short film by now hopefully – but it’s also an excellent destination to check beautiful species off bucket lists. Species-wise, Mexico duck hunting is must-do, bucket-list duck hunting. Practically all Central and Pacific flyway species overwinter in the region and their breeding plumage is absolutely immaculate. We and our USDA-approved affiliate, Kanati Elite Taxidermy will walk you through the simple steps. Contact Ramsey Russell @ramseyrussellgetducks to discuss Sonora Mexico duck hunts or other destinations.  #lifesshortgetducks #getducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #mexicoduckhunting #waterfowloftheworld #ramseyrussell #ramseyrussellgetducks #realduckhunting #waterfowloftheworld