New Zealand Hunting Calendar

New Zealand hunting and fishing options are diverse and available year-round.  Timed and budgeted just right, guests may enjoy several aspects of New Zealand hunting and fishing during a single trip.

A popular option is a 10-12 day New Zealand hunting trip to include 4-days each at North Island and South Island lodges: 3 days for ducks, upland game birds and turkeys at each lodge, 1 day of big game hunting or fishing at each lodge, and 1-2 days in Christchurch, Wellinton or several other cities or town for tours, sight-seeing and other non-hunting activity.  We strongly suggest arriving at least one day prior to scheduled hunts dates to reset you body clock following the long flight.

New Zealand Hunting and Fishing Calendar at a Glance:
Use the table below to decide how best to customize your perfect New Zealand hunting trip with peak dates for
desired activities.

Waterfowl May – June (North Island)

May – July (South Island)

Mallard, Canada Geese, Australian Shoveler, Paradise Shelduck, Pacific Black Duck, Black Swan.
Turkey All Year August through December spring turkey hunting with no competition, pairs well with trout fishing.  North Island.
Upland Gamebirds May – July Pheasant, Quail, Pukeko, Peacock.  North Island
Red Stag February – August (Rut March – April) Combines easily with waterfowl, fallow deer and other big game hunts.  North Island & South Island.
Fallow Deer March – September (Rut in April) Commonly taken during Red Deer hunts.  North Island.
Himalayan Tahr April – August (Rut in April and May) May be hunted all year, but designated dates are when capes are prime.  Commonly paird with Chamois hunting.  North Island & South Island.
European Chamois April – August (Rut in April and May) Dates indicate prime capes.  Commonly hunted in conjunction with Tahr.  North Island & South Island.
Sika Stag Late-February through May (Rut in April) Winter hunting through September can be rewarding, but snow is likely.  North Island.
Sambar Stag Mid-August through September For 6 weekends only.  Average 50% on trophy stags. North Island.
Rusa Stag Rut July and August Popularly hunted in conjunction with winter hunt for Tahr, Sambar or Sika.  North Island.
Trout Fishing All Year October through April peak trophy fishing.


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