Ramsey Russell | Part 2

Ramsey Russell Zero Duck:30

Part 2 of 2

Today, we are honored to have Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com on the podcast. Ramsey Russell is considered to be one of the most decorated and knowledgeable waterfowl hunting experts in the world. He travels all across the planet chasing 100’s of different waterfowl species with a strong focus and passion for conservation. The wealth of knowledge, opinions, stories and wisdom that Ramsey shares with us today is humbling to say the least. We cover Ramsey’s long and accomplished history in the sport, his travels across the globe, the top gear he recommends, favorite worldwide waterfowl and gamebirds to chase, land conservation, how the sport has changed, tips to duck hunters, and some incredible stories. If this podcast doesn’t move you and make you a better person and hunter, you are in the wrong sport.