Grey-winged Francolin

Grey-winged Francolin (Scleroptila afra) is beautifully simple, medium-sized gamebird species in Africa. It’s the preeminent quarry of local bird hunters with pointing dog breeds. The Grey-winged Francolin body size and plumage are very similar to that of the Red-winged, Shelley’s, and Orange River Francolins. The plumage on the underbelly, under the chin, and sides of its neck are white with fine black vermiculation. The rest of the body displays dark brown, sooty grey, and light brown lines. The head has a dark brown cap and bright rusty plumage that swirls around the eyes and down the neck in thin lines. Eyes are indistinct and brown. Their legs and feet are bright or creamy yellow. Their call is also very loud with runs of chow and keek sounds.

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