White-faced Whistling Duck

White-faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata) is a species of waterfowl that is difficult to confuse with any other species. Their namesake is their mostly snow-white face and throat that contrasts highly with the jet-black back of the head and neck. For the size of their head, their black bill appears elongated and the tip curves down sharply. Like other species of whistling ducks, White-faced Whistling Ducks have somewhat long necks and legs, giving it an upright posture. The legs and feet are gray, and the feet are relatively large.

The bottom of the White-faced Whistling Duck neck has rusty red plumage that extends down to the chest and changed quickly do a black underbelly. The flanks are barred with tan and black or white and black plumage. When at rest, the wings are a beautiful chocolate brown that are lightly edged with chestnut. When in flight, the wings are very dark with dark gray being the primary color. Males and females display similar plumage and juveniles do not have the same stark contrast on their facial plumage. At a distance, they can be distinguished by their three-note whistling call.


white-faced whistling duck


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