Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Sam Pierce, The Day the Bombs Dropped

Ramsey Russell and long-time hunting buddy Dr. Sam Pierce catch up post-season.  Remembering many memorable moments, they recall their first duck hunt together when “bombs were dropping,” and conclude that great friendships are truly formed in foxhole situations! As a physician, Sam is on the frontlines dealing with COVID-19 in Mississippi and offers first-hand insights.

Tony Smith, Utah Diver Hunting

Tony Smith is a full-on Utah diver duck hunting freak, targeting canvasbacks, blue-bills and other diver ducks in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Basin.  In this episode of Duck Season Somewhere, he describes becoming a diver specialist in Utah, sago pondweed importance, his home-made canvasback  decoy spread, and why one canvasback decoy is a particularly special tribute to the older brother that introduced him to duck hunting.

Bigwater Intro

Ramsey Russell introduces Duck Season Somewhere co-host Bigwater, aka Mark Wilson. They  catch up over the phone during COVID-19 quarantine.  Back in the dark ages, before social media platforms, there were chat rooms. MSDucks was like a virtual coffee shop. Hundreds of local hunters connected off-site, lifelong friendships were formed. Remembering Ohio anti-hunters, swamp wood duck hunting, and discussing how the ongoing pandemic affects them personally.

Utah Waterfowl, Habitat, and Conservation with Rich Hansen, Utah DWR

Rich Hansen is Utah Division of Wildlife Wetland Manager and Waterfowl Banding Coordinator.  In this week’s episode of Duck Season Somewhere, Ramsey Russell continues exploring Utah’s Great Salt Lake Basin.He and Hanson discuss public land hunting opportunities, habitat management, waterfowl banding projects and Utah’s Waterfowl Slam 

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