GADWALLGadwall (Mareca strapera, formerly Anas strapera) possess a simple beauty of gray and brown. “Gray ducks.”  In hand, ornate black vermiculated markings seem drawn by a calligrapher’s hands. Breeding gadwall drakes with beautiful copper-toned scapulars. This medium-sized dabbler has black rear end accompanied by conspicuous white speculums which are easily be seen in flight or while swimming. The upper secondary coverts on drakes are black, contrasting the white coverts to be noticeable. Chestnut upper wings most developed in adult drakes. White bellies and underwings conspicuous in flight. Drakes and hens both have pale yellow legs, that match the female’s bill. The drake bill is the color of pencil lead. Characteristics attributed to the hens are a whitish throat, faint eye stripe, and a dark crown. Male vocalizations are distinctive one syllable grunts, Nhek.  Hens quack hoarsely.