Argentina Dove Hunting

High-volume shooting is synonymous with Argentina dove hunting. The landscape features endless grain crops such as corn, wheat, sorghum and sesame that provide ample feed for dove and other game. These plantings are bordered and interspersed with dense roosting cover to create the perfect ingredients for the world’s last true, big-bag hunting experience. One that you will enjoy fully when you book your Argentina dove hunt with us.

Official estimates range from 30 to 50 million eared dove in Argentina, providing a truly a one-of-a-kind dove hunting experience.  With a moderate, comfortable climate year-round and a gorgeous, untouched landscape and agricultural fields that stretch to the horizon, it is easy to see why the eared dove is so prolific.

Our trips feature luxury lodging, memorable cuisine, hospitable people, famous Argentinean wines and culture.  And more doves than you’ve ever seen, more doves than you’ve imagined possible.  For serious wingshooters, dove hunting in Argentina is not Heaven, but it’s close.