Cape Barren Goose bucket list fulfilled

Cape Barren Goose bucket list fulfilled

Ramsey Russell is the owner of, a United States-based company that facilitates duck hunting experiences worldwide and has been doing so since 2003. He has hunted on six continents and spends about 225 days a year pursuing his passion, which has allowed him to gather a wealth of knowledge from around the world including during […]

Annual NT Magpie Goose Hunting Trek with a Twist

Right from the very beginning of the planning stage, it was evident that our annual hunting trip to the Northern Territory was going to be bigger than Ben-Hur this year. Not only had interest grown proportionately with the amount of southerners keen to tag along, but there was international interest as well, and anything that […]

Battleground: Australia Duck Hunting

Researchers and an American Hunter Race The Clock To Gather Specimens Before Waterfowl Hunting Here Is Banned A bright orange fireball crested the eastern horizon, baking the buffalo-tracked, red-dirt landscape, wringing sweat into our shirts and ball caps like cutting a Mississippi lawn in mid-July. And it was only 6:30 a.m. Overhead, intermittent flocks of plumed […]

Victory in Victoria! Waterfowl Hunting Ban Defeated

SCI, Ambassador Called Worldwide Attention to Battle in Australia Safari Club International, Field and Game Australia, and hunters in Australia’s state of Victoria are celebrating a hard-won victory over a battle to save duck hunting. SCI members will recall that SCI’s Advocacy Team joined a fight to prevent animal rightists in Victoria from banning waterfowl hunting […]

International Waterfowler Goes To Arizona As Part Of Nationwide Tour

Why would a world-renown waterfowler go to the desert to hunt ducks? Because they are there. There was still a bit of a chill in the air late last year as the sun began to rise over Phoenix, Arizona. No wind. No clouds. It was to be a blue bird day in the desert. Bobbing in the […] 2024 Catalog

The 2024 Catalog is awesome! View latest 36-page, full-color catalog online: Ramsey Russell’s 2024 Brochure – Offering the World’s Best Duck Hunting Experiences (hi res PDF).  Or view the online flip-page GetDucks Brochure (link at bottom of each page of Contact us to receive your complimentary hi-res, high-quality print copy mailed directly to you. […]

SuperTalk Outdoors with Rickey Matthews: Ramsey Russell

Ramsey Russell,, joins SuperTalk Outdoors with Rickey Matthews to tell of traveling around the world duck hunting but still calling Mississippi home. Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, he was taught hunting by his grandfather. Duck hunting is about the passion, the quest, the authenticity of adventure. ‘Somewhere in the world, it’s always duck […]

Pacific Flyway: Historic Waterfowling Images

To this day, it still amazes me that my own grandfather’s half-century worth of hunting and fishing experiences can be summarized in a slender binder of maybe a couple dozen old self-adhesive pages. In just a few page flips, black-and-white photos transition to time-yellowed color photos of tar-papered camp cabins across the river; of fabled wet […]

No Science No Duck Hunting?

Regards Australia Duck Hunting, anti-hunters claim that ducks are 75% below the survey long-term average, including a 58% decline from 2020 to 2021. For many it’s a compelling argument despite the survey’s much broader margin of error and decades narrower “long-term average” compared to North Americas breeding population survey. “There’s not a place anywhere in the world, […]

The 28-Gauge Shotgun Can Kill Ducks as Effectively as a 12-Gauge

The days of steel non-toxic shot are over and modern sportsmen have many high-quality shot options available. Leading the sub-gauge revolution is BOSS Shotshells’ copper-plated bismuth-tin allow, which patterns like lead and retains about 80% the downrange energy. Couple with Benelli 28-gauge (available in both Ethos and Super Black Eagle platforms), it’s a no-brainer. But […]

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