Greenland king eider hunting could be a new frontier in sea duck hunting and is very closely monitoring this exciting prospect, but with many reservations as noted.  Previous attempts there were proven unsuccessful. This king eider hunting adventure takes place in a remote Inuit village in southwestern Greenland during the March breeding season.  Relatively large concentrations of king eiders typically inhabit this remote, unspoiled region but are usually concentrated 20+ miles offshore. King eider hunting during the month of March was approved in Greenland only as recently as September 2016.  It’s possible that harlequin ducks will be approved in upcoming years.

Traditionally, eiders have been shot from speeding boats or as they resurfaced from feeding. Working with local Inuit guides, Greenland king eider hunting is being attempted for the first time over decoys – by either trolling offshore during ideal weather conditions and hunting from strategically located blinds during inclement conditions. It will involve a learning curve and we were happy to provide them instructional information about eider hunting with decoys and commercial sources for eider hunting decoys.  The imposed limit is a generous 10 ducks daily with a maximum of 15 king eiders allowable during the 6-day hunt.  In addition to king eiders, American common eider (Somateria mollissima dresseriand northern common eider (S. m. dresserisubspecies may be more commonly available. Special Note: the export of king eiders from Greenland was up in the air as of July 2017. It seems likely that post-hunt shipment via a third-party trophy brokerage will be required if, in fact, they can be legally exported. We were told that there would be no available paperwork. For these reasons alone, we are dubious until it is proven that birds will be consistently harvested, that they can be exported, and that there will be no complications importing them through US Customs.

Think extreme adventure when thinking Greenland eider hunting.  Just getting there will be an adventure to make the most practical king eider hunt on earth, our proven Alaska king eider hunt on St. Paul Island, look like a cake walk – the last leg of travel is via commercial helicopter flight.  Round-trip transfer from the United States to the remote village is $12,000 PER PERSON. If the once-weekly flight is cancelled due to weather or other reasons, alternative options are boating in or going home. Travel insurance will be essential.

Though costly as compared to Alaska king eider hunting, if Greenland King Eider hunting becomes proven it could provide a very rare opportunity to experience a truly unspoiled environment for one of the world’s most magnificent game birds. For reasons noted, we’ve declined the opportunity to participate. The risk to reward seems too extreme as discussed with our many interested clients, but we will continue to monitor this situation and wish all involved the best of luck. 

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