Chestnut Teal

Chestnut Teal (Anas castanea) is a small species of duck that is slightly larger than the Gray Teal, a member of the same genus. Their head protrudes slightly more than other species which can also make their bill seem like it slopes lower off of their face than other species of waterfowl. Both Chestnut Teal sexes have incredibly bold, red irises. Males have olive green plumage at the front of their head and the back of their head is more of a vibrant teal. As the name suggests, the majority of their plumage is a bright chestnut that begins at the breast and extends to the flanks where it becomes dappled with brown spots. The tail is brown and black, with a band of white plumage that separates it from the chestnut body.

When in flight, the Chestnut Teal wings are mostly brown and display stark white secondary coverts and white-outlined black speculum. Nearest to the body there is an oval of iridescent green in the speculum as well. Chestnut Teal are sexually dimorphic as females are mostly mottled gray and can be easily confused with Gray Teal. Females can potentially be distinguished through their rapid and piercing call that is likened to laughter.

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