Common Pochard

Common Pochard (Aythya fernia), also known as the European Pochard, looks strikingly similar to its American cousins, the Canvasback and Redhead. The Common Pochard’s bill is black with a thick band of blue around the middle, and comes off the face almost horizontally in a more subtle manner than the Canvasback’s.

Common Pochard males have small eyes with bright red irises. The triangular head is a deep chestnut to rust color, the chest and tail are blueish-black, and the midsection is lightly dappled and silver. Common Pochard females can have completely brown plumage, which is darkest around the crown of the head. Some females do have white markings between the back of their head to their bill. They also display red irises that are more muted than the males. Juvenile plumage closely resembles the females. AZERBAIJAN DUCK HUNTING