King Eider

king eider
King eider drakes are unequalled in sheer majestic beauty, and king eider hunting is the pinnacle of true sea duck hunting adventure.

King Eider (Sometaria spectabilis) are large sea ducks that some revere as the most attractive in the waterfowl world. Adorned below the light blueish-gray crown is a brightly colored orange and yellow frontal lobe making the breeding male’s head look oblong; white eye-ring and line running down towards nape. The drake’s short bill is a reddish orange, conspicuously standing out from the mostly white body. Underneath the eye, there is a watercolor-like green patch that separates from the gray/blue back of the head; black v-shaped chin strap below the lower mandible. The underbelly, lower back, and tail are a striking jet black. Inner scapulars raised into prominently pointed sails; tertials elongated and curved.  The king eider drake’s wings are mostly black with an oval patch of white on the coverts. A white circle in the otherwise black rump tell-tale sign in low lighting. Females do not have the distinctive face that males do, but they have a grayish bill that sharply slopes off the face. The neck is mottled light brown and/or gray while the rest of the body is a warm, almost rufous colored brown. Hen wings are mostly mottled brown like the rest of the plumage, with a few covert feathers being white lined.