Pacific Dove

The Pacific Dove (Zenaida meloda), also commonly known as the West Peruvian Dove, is a common bird that can adapt to a wide range of habitats. Like most members of their species, Pacific Dove are mostly sooty brown in color and have pink legs and feet. When at rest, their wings have a white crescent that forms at the bend of the wing and stops just before the primaries. The crescent is also visible in flight and the outer edge of the crescent is bordered with black feathers. This species has a very distinct, thick, featherless ring around their eye that is somewhat bright blue. Their black beaks appear thicker than those of other doves. In the right like, there is a very small patch of pinkish-purple feathers on either side of the neck. Males and females have similar plumage, and juveniles are distinguished by the lack of blue eye rings, brown legs, and duller plumage.

Eared adove
Pacific White-winged Dove (Right)