Picazuro Pigeon

Picazuro Pigeon (Patagioenas picazuro) is a simple yet beautiful common species of bird found in central and southern South America. The plumage on their head is a red-tinted gray with no dappling. Picazuro Pigeon irises are bright orange, yet that is not the part of the body that stands out the most. The plumage around their necks is the same color as the head that is tipped with pale iridescent colors that begin with blue and gradually turn to orange. The rest of the body plumage is simple, with sooty gray breast and underbelly. The wings are the same and are tipped with white or lighter gray around the edges. Tails are the darkest part of the body and are very dark gray, but not quite black. Their call is described as monotonous and deep in pitch, and is likened to wuu-pupuh wuu-pupuh.