Puna Teal

Puna Teal (Spatula puna) is a dabbling duck that is now considered to be its own species, rather than a subspecies of the Silver Teal. Compared to the Silver Teal, Puna Teal are larger, and the approximate size of this species can be likened to that of a Wood Duck. Their heads display the most recognizable characteristics. Their plumage on the crown is jet-black that ends just below their black eyes and down the neck. Below that cap, the color abruptly changes to cream and gradually turns into a tan breast with dark brown mottling.

Puna Teal bill is also unique, as it is very long, pale blue, and has a line of black that cuts the bill down the middle. It seems sturdier than Silver Teal and lacks the yellow base. Another beautiful feature of this species is the black and white vermiculation of the tail that runs forward to the underbelly. Legs and feet are typically gray. The rest of the plumage on the torso is brown and edged with gray or light brown. Females have similar, more dull, plumage.