Spot-winged Pigeon

Spot-winged Pigeon (Patagioenas maculosa) is a large game bird that is distinguished by its namesake, the unique brown and white dappling on the wings. This plumage obviously contrasts with the bird’s overall blue-gray body. The forehead, back of the neck, and the upper chest can sometimes be seen as more of a pinkish hue.

The Spot-winged Pigeon has clear blue eyes that do not particularly stand out. Like other species of doves and pigeons, this species displays pinkish legs and feet. While in flight, the plumage surrounding the dappled section is white and crescent-shaped, which is then followed by dark primary feathers. Also best seen in flight are the tail feathers, which are blue-gray and are tipped with dark gray or black. Females and juveniles have duller plumage than the males. This species can be likened to the Picazuro Pigeon in their overlapping range. Spot-winged Pigeons lack the yellow eyes, overall pinkish hue, and brightly colored legs and feet that the Picazuro Pigeon displays.

spotwinged pigeon