Tundra Swan

tundra swanTundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus) is the most abundant North American swan species and can be hunted with either lottery-draw or over-the-counter tags in 10 US states.  Both sexes of this large species of bird can be identified by their completely white plumage, elongated neck, black bill, and usually displaying yellow on their lores (which is found in front of the eyes and behind the bill). Tundra and the mostly protected Trumpeter Swan have similar features. Tundra Swans are slightly smaller, display the yellow lores, have relatively more melodious trisyllabic vocalizations, and in hand have smaller bill measurements. Black legs and feet contrast with their bright white plumage, and are commonly used digging up tubers. Tundra Swans mostly forage through dabbling in the water for plant and animal matter. Their mostly vegetarian diet consists of sedges, pondweed, corn, soybeans, arthropods, and mollusks. Sago pondweed is favored.