Atlantic Flyway Guided Waterfowl Hunts

Atlantic Flyway waterfowl hunting offers some of the best opportunities to bag a wide variety of ducks and geese. Extending for over 3000 miles from Greenland to the Caribbean, the Atlantic Flyway offers a variety of habitats and climates that provide ideal conditions for migrating waterfowl. As a result, Atlantic Flyway waterfowl hunters have the chance to bag everything from Pintails and Wigeons to Atlantic Brant and Black Duck. What sets the Atlantic Flyway apart is the wide range of hunting habitats you can choose from to take down your limits. You can enjoy everything from sea duck hunting on a layout boat to marsh creek hunts and bodybooting. Not for the faint of heart, waterfowling in the Atlantic Flyway is a popular challenge for avid hunters and an impetus for beginners to improve their hunt. And who better to take you there than Ramsey Russell of Our Atlantic Flyway guided duck and goose hunts offer unique hunting experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.