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We earned a solid reputation for bringing home the world’s best wingshooting. Now we’re introducing the best US bird hunts to the world. But we’re doing it outfitter-direct through an exclusive network of select affiliates.

Introducing the™

The is neither a “wingshooting directory” nor any online marketing gimmick. is a successful, full-time agency that has delivered excellent bird hunting experiences throughout the world for over a decade. In doing so, we’ve attracted a sizeable audience of avid waterfowlers. As part of, the provides the quality US bird hunts for which we increasingly receive requests.

We only promote reputable outfitters with whom we have strategic affiliations. We ensure introductions, but clients book directly with you, the outfitter. It’s win-win-win: hunters finds the right hunts, outfitters meet new clients, and satisfy the demands of a growing customer base.

Reliably good hunts, guide professionalism and enjoyable experiences are most important. Upscale amenities, wine lists and gourmet meals are great, too, but are secondary to productive free-chase hunting. Customers come from all walks of life and from around the world. The is committed to offering something for everyone.

Outfitter benefits of

  • Generate more bookings and better clients with endorsement
  • Position your hunt before 100,000-plus savvy wingshooters annually
  • Increase search engine optimization and online relevance
  • Connect to a wider audience through our successful social media platform
  • Penetrate new markets at major national and regional sporting shows that we attend
  • Gain competitive edge as the exclusive affiliate outfitter within your market niche
  • Reduce your advertising and marketing costs with a strategy that delivers
  • Improve your brand image through our superior creative design services and website know-how

What outfitters say

“Tallahatchie Hunts is a waterfowl and deer outfitter located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. We have been in business for 15 years. Ramsey Russell and his staff at have been a real pleasure to work and hunt with over the past few years. Through the they have generated numerous bookings from all over the US, sent us many referrals at hunting shows whether we are exhibiting there or not, and even directed Remington Country and MOJO Outdoors to our lodge last year. Most importantly, they follow through with plans and promises. If you ranked Ramsey and on a 1 to 10 scale for that, I’d give them an 11 and recommend them to anyone in the outfitter business. Not only do they have great plans and networking skills, they also have integrity (and can shoot like Seal Team Six Snipers).” Bolton Flautt,, Mississippi

“With I have the ability to showcase who I am and what I do. Ramsey has a huge reliable network created over the years that I admire and respect. When I went looking for a hunt for myself, was my first and only stop because I know it to be first-class. I want people to think that about me when they see Fowl Intensity Outfitters. I want them to book a hunt with me and come home and say it was worth every penny.” Brian Rogers, Fowl Intensity Outfitters

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Become a USHuntList outfitter! Waterfowl, upland gamebirds and wild turkeys – where do your services fit in the USHuntList line-up and how can we best deliver new business to your front door? To discuss becoming an exclusive outfitter contact Ramsey Russell,, (601) 214-9737 or complete the form below.

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