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Duck Season Somewhere, More Than a Podcast

Duck Season Somewhere podcast’s niche audience is specifically waterfowl hunting related. But from an advertiser’s standpoint, Duck Season Somewhere podcast is unique. That’s because we’re not just a stand-alone podcast. This successful platform is another organic extension of Ramsey Russell’s, an extremely credible brand that has delivered worldwide duck hunting adventures for over 2 decades, cultivating a sizable audience of very serious waterfowlers.

Importantly, we’re not in the advertising business. We’re in the experience business. Our long-standing core business reputation is for promoting only those reputable waterfowl hunts that we truly believe enhance life experiences. Similarly, we seek to promote proven products and services that improve hunting lifestyles. It’s win-win-win. Hunters finds the right stuff, companies connect with savvy new duck hunting customers, and we get to participate in making the duck hunting world a better place.

What makes our promotional partnerships unique is that we organically incorporate sponsor narratives into our own. It’s easy. We use them because we believe in them. By integrating them throughout all platforms, we meaningfully reach the broadest demographics spectrum possible.


Performance Metrics (October 2023)

  • Organic Metrics:
    • First Google Position for 3,379+ duck hunting related search terms.
    • First Google Page (Top 10) for 13,873+ duck hunting related search terms.
    • Google-indexed for 49,587+ duck hunting related search terms.
    • Low 36% bounce rate.
    • Transactional customer traffic
  • Duck Season Somewhere Podcast. Since March 2020, produces 2-3 episodes weekly, excellent engagement.
  • Top 1% podcasts worldwide.
  • Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks 55-plus k followers, consistently high engagement rates.
  • Facebook 126.4 followers; @ramseyrussellgetducks (personal) 5k followers
  • YouTube @GetDucks 3.93k subscribers


Integrated Sponsorship Benefits

  • Podcast commercials. Tell-don’t-sell-style endorsements to highly waterfowl-specific audience.
  • Showcase your products or services with company-specific episodes and guest appearances.
  • Position your company in front of  100,000-plus waterfowl hunters annually with complimentary banner ads at
  • Increase online relevance, buoy SEO. Optional endorsement page at linking to your website or social media.
  • Connect organically to a wider audience through our social media platform posts and stories.
  • Penetrate new markets with representation at nationally and regionally attended conventions
  • Print ad in our full-color catalog that’s distributed at national conventions and direct-mailed to clients.
  • Product placement in future short-films and video projects; photos, videos (optional).


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