Ramsey Russell, Duck Hunting is More Than Just Ducks

Ramsey Russell podcast
If you’ve not yet heard of Ramsey Russell and you’re a duck hunter, you’re missing out. Ramsey owns and operates GetDucks.com, the premier source for “The Best Duck Hunting Adventures on Earth,” plus an immense repository of waterfowl hunting-related information, photos, videos, but especially stories. Recording a podcast with Ramsey Russell was an absolute pleasure. His down to earth personality, coupled with his masterful storytelling and deep all-things-ducks knowledge make this a can’t miss episode. Ramsey has a genuine passion for the history and traditions of waterfowling. His waterfowl hunting experiences span the globe, giving him a unique perspective on what hunting ducks is truly about here in the United States and worldwide. At the end of the day, hunting waterfowl is about the people and places that make up the sport. Eastman’s Wingmen podcast host Todd Helms and Ramsey dive down into that rabbit hole, examining often overlooked truths about the shared passion of duck hunters.