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What About Guided North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting?

Matt Piehl and Ramsey Russell meet between North America waterfowl hunting seasons to discuss guided waterfowl hunts in general, exciting Dirty Bird Outfitter developments, and new important private property e-posting laws that all duck and goose hunters planning to visit North Dakota should be fully aware. What recent life changes make Piehl feel like he jumped from frying pan into the skillet busy-wise? How was Arkansas spring snow goose hunting? What’s North Dakota habitat looking like? How will Dirty Bird Outfitters’ new lodge be a real game-changer? What will head-guide-and-Viking Nick Marcyes’ kitchen duties be?! What do new North Dakota’s new e-posting laws entail? All good stuff to know while waiting on season to get here.

Mr. Jim Clermont Remembering D-Day

On June 6, 1944, Allied Forces launched an all-out naval, air and land assault on Nazi-occupied France. It was the  turning point in WW2. On that day in history, Mr. Jim Cleremont was aboard the USS Herndon, only 3,000 yards off Omaha Beach during the invasion.  Mr. Cleremont recalls growing up in Minnesota, joining the Navy, and his time in service. He remembers events aboard the USS Herndon before, during and after the battle, and tells about revisiting Normandy in 2014. In his book The World’s Greatest Generation, Tom Brokaw argues that these Americans fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do.” Mr. Cleremont is one such American patriot, describing who he believes to be the true heroes.  A sobering reminder preceding the 77th anniversary of D-Day.

Boss Shotshells Happenings

Brandon Cerecke breaks from managing waterfowl habitat and satisfying customer demands for the growing product-line of Boss Shotshells copper-plated bismuth ammo. Why the global ammo shortage? Can you prepare? What’s Boss Shotshells doing about it? After 3 decades of bigger-faster, steel shot-science, why is Boss’s moving further in the opposite direction with their new “Stinger loads” – and why are the patterns even better? What’s driving new fiber-wad shotshell production? Only 3 years after crashing meteorically onto the waterfowl hunting ammo scene, how has Boss business culture evolved? How has an otherwise product-oriented business transformed Brandon’s true life purpose? Like full-choked, copper-plated bismuth patterns swatting paddles-down honkers over decoys, this Duck Season Somewhere episode crushes. Whether you’re a long-time user or curiously interested in what the Boss Shotshell movekent is about, you’ll enjoy listening!

Jake Latendresse, Home Is Who You Are

On the heels of the Life’s Short GetDucks – Mississippi, Home Is Who You Are short film, Jake Latendresse and Ramsey catch up. They’ve shared an eventful friendship since first filming together in Australia. After globetrotting together worldwide, why did they resume productions with a Mississippi project? What hits home to them? How’s Mississippi relate to Azerbaijan duck hunting? What’s the back story on the old Colt hammer gun? And what kind of stuff does Jake really think about when he’s “in his bubble” behind the camera?  This Duck Season Somewhere episode is about those traditional, non-disposable duck hunting values that remain forever timeless. Like Grand Dad’s cherished shotgun.


Watch Now: Life’s Short GetDucks: Mississippi, Home Is Who You Are

Jim Crews Mississippi Duck Camp

A roaring fire crackling on a cold january nights, swamp dogs tails are thumping at our feet, something good sizzles over hot charcoal nearby. We are whetting our appetites with toddies , listening to Mississippi Delta blues music. Swamp Warlock and Swamp Witch, Jim and Allison Crews, always cast wicked spells of southern hospitality. Tomorrow morning we’ll hunt Bobo Brake’s ancient, cathedral-like cypresses over traditional cork blocks, maybe even connecting with ancestral ghosts via an heirloom hammer-gun. But tonight we’re just enjoying each other’s company at duck camp. (Life’s Short GetDucks: Mississippi, Home Is Who You Are drops, May 25. Check it out on GetDucks YouTube channel).

Wetland Management for Waterfowl 3/3

The hot summer sun is beating down, water is off the site, and mud flats are greening with germinating moist-soil vegetation. What now?  USDA-NRCS Wildlife Biologist Kevin Nelms walks through part-art-part-science solutions for producing desired moist-soil management results. What are suggested management practices for controlling undesirable plants? What early successional management practices set the stage for upcoming growing seasons? How can we kill 2 birds with one stone by combining the two? What’s Nelms’s rule-of-thumb for fall discing? What’s a waterfowl wetland complex? Why’s it important to know your property’s key habitat offerings relative to properties within a 12-mile radius? When and how best to flood waterfowl impoundments? What about hunting pressure?

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Legendary Mississippi Bear Hunting Culture of Robert E. Bobo

Back in the early 1800s, the Mississippi Delta was a seething hardwood wilderness unrivaled by anything “until you reached the redwoods.” A Robert Eager Bobo and company plied their skills in that untamed environment, reputedly killing over 300 bears in a single year – plus a whole lot more. Who was Bobo, where’d he live? How’d they hunt bear back then? How famous were Bobo’s bear hounds? What weapon was preferred for bears in ancient canebrakes? Mississippi historian and outdoor writer, James McCafferty, and Ramsey Russell discuss these and other topics in today’s episode of Duck Season Somewhere podcast.

Wetland Management for Waterfowl 2/3

Did you know that mallard diet on the wintering grounds is predominately annual seeds? USDA-NRCS Wildlife Biologist, Kevin Nelms, and Ramsey Russell dig deeper into wetland habitat management for waterfowl subject. What are the 4 recognized wetland types and what life-cycle requirements do they each satisfy? Why will knowing these distinctions help you be a become a better waterfowl habitat manager and more successful duck hunter? What is foremost ingredient of managed wetlands increases both waterfowl utilization and hunt-ability?  What are the pitfalls for planting rice for ducks? What is moist-soil management, what are the advantages, why’s it part-art and part-science, and what’s Nelms’s rule-of-thumb for perfect water drawdowns?  We’re cooking in hot grease now!

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Benelli Shotgun Innovations

George Thompson, Director of Product Management, Benelli USA gives Ramsey Russell an informative run-down of Benelli shotgun innovations.  Benelli pioneered the inertia recoil system in 1967. Initially hitting US markets under H&K distribution, they have since come a long way. How has the Benelli Super Black Eagle shotgun evolved since the first? What features are stand out among other conventional waterfowl killing sticks? What drives the growing demand for sub-gauge chamberings? What is the new Benelli Surface Treatment about and how’d it originate? What about online rumors that SBE3 patterns high? Ramsey Russell and George Thomas discuss these topics in detail. Whether you’re a since-forever fan of Benelli shotguns like Ramsey, considering a new waterfowl shotgun purchase or simply curious, you’ll likely learn a few interesting things about why Benelli and Super Black Eagle shotguns are simply perfect.

Dale Bordelon, More Bayou Country Traditions

Dale Bordelon is a gifted storyteller from Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. In last week’s episode (Episode 39, August 3, 2020, Dale Bordelon Bayou Traditions), Bordelon described gathering various local raw materials from nearby swamps, hand-making his Louisiana cane calls and other tools-of-the-trade as tribute to his roots; to Louisiana’s traditional waterfowling culture. In today’s Duck Season Somewhere podcast episode, we crawl belly deep into tepid, tea-colored swamp water. Bordelon describes trapping dinosaur-like alligator snappers the size of chest freezers, catching monster alligators, shooting old shotguns, blending duck blinds perfectly into the environment and more.  Where’d Dale get the twine to wrap a special cane call he uses? How’d he catch those big, old snappers, what’d he do with them, and why did he quit? What’s his secret for catching BIG gators?  Why does he like shooting pump shotguns from his grandad’s era? It’s another great episode depicting unvarnished Louisiana duck hunting culture.

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