Gray Teal

Gray Teal (Anas gracilis) is a dabbling duck that is smaller than the Chestnut Teal, a member of the same genus that includes a wide variety of duck species. This species can be easily confused with female Chestnut Teal, as they both have mottled brown plumage. The bills are blue-tinted dark gray and the legs and feet are a similar, lighter gray. Gray Teal irises are a deep red, though they do not stand out much because of the dark brown crown that extends below the eyes. This plumage abruptly changes to a creamy white. Near the bottom of the neck, dappling begins with dark feathers that are outlines in cream or light brown. Wings are similar to those of the Chestnut Teal, with mostly brown feathers, white secondary coverts, and white-outlined black speculum with iridescent green ovals nearest to their body.

The majority of the Gray Teal’s breeding population is found in Australia,  New Zealand, New Guinea, and Indonesia, where preference is placed incredibly shallow water that is safe for their young to swim and forage in. The vagrant Gray Teal breeding population reaches the Solomons and New Caledonia. They can be hunted in Australia, but not in New Zealand.