Long-tailed Duck

long-tailed duck
Long-tailed ducks in flight: small duck, short necks, all-dark wings, white body-length stripes; usually low over the water, swinging side to side on shallow wing beats.

Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis), formerly referred to as oldsquaw,  is a small attractive sea duck occurring in northern coastal water throughout the entire Holarctic region. As its name implies, characterized by extremely long tail feathers that stream behind while in flight, are held erect on the water, and persist year-round. White plumage creates a high forehead appearance on drakes. Drake’s black bills are small and almond-shaped, a pink patch in the middle. Large gray area around the eye, black patch on the neck, chestnut patch below that. The drakes chest, mantle and back are black, blanketed with elongated, pointed white scapulars. Breeding plumage is almost the opposite of nonbreeding plumage, with the drakes displaying a pitch-black head and large white and gray patch around the eye. The back is a dark brown with slender light brown feathers streaking along it. Females are brown, with a white eye streak and collar, and a gray chest. Absolutely gorgeous bird.