Nova Scotia Sink Box Duck Hunting

sink box duck hunts in Nova ScotiaNova Scotia Canada duck hunting in sink box hunting blinds  is the latest GetDucks.com-exclusive duck hunting adventure to deliver value and the opportunity not only to experience the favored traditional hunting method of big water market gunners, but to potentially add some distinctive duck species to your trophy collection.  Nova Scotia duck hunting from sink boxes is like stepping into history, experiencing the thrill of encountering decoying divers and sea ducks at water’s level.  It’s definitely a Bucket List hunting experience for adventurous duck hunters that think they’ve done it all but have not yet been sink box duck hunting in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Banned in the United States pursuant to the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, sink box duck hunting is an extremely effective means of concealing hunters on large bodies of water and putting ducks right where they belong – into the decoys. It was typically the favored by market hunters, and has remained lawful in eastern Canada. Our outfitter has 20+ years professional experience in delivering sink box duck hunts in Nova Scotia for clients seeking to experience this exciting tradition, and he came by it honest – his family has practiced sink box duck hunting for generations.  Sink boxes are custom designed to ensure increased safety and relative comfort while duck hunting.

Available in November and December, these affordable Nova Scotia duck hunts include lodging, meals to include fresh local seafood, ammo (3-inch Kent steel), professional guide services, safe and reliable equipment.  These hunts are conducted from either the northern or eastern shores of beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, depending on the weather, migrational status, and targeted species.

Primary species taken while sink box duck hunting are long-tailed ducks and scoters.  The region has truly some of the very best black duck hunting in North America.  Black ducks are hunted from boat or shore blinds during afternoons usually. Located 1 hour scenic drive from Halifax, nearby conveniences include a small grocery store, liquor store, a couple restaurants, a bank, a drug store, a hardware store and a few gift shops.  An interesting aside, Halifax bears many reminders of the Titanic tragedy. From the gravestones of victims in 3 cemeteries memorial monuments and preserved fragments of the vessel.

This exclusive Nova Scotia duck hunting package is only available exclusively through Ramsey Russell’s GetDucks.com.   Duck hunting in Nova Scotia sink boxes is easily a life-list duck hunting experience.


Sink box duck hunting in Nova Scotia takes place November and December.  The first 2 weeks of December are prime time and reserved exclusively for GetDucks.com clients.


Nova Scotia duck hunting package rates:

2.5-day (3-night) Nova Scotia Duck Hunt  – $1,800 per hunter (1-4 guests)

5-day (6-night) Nova Scotia Duck Hunt – $3,600.00 per hunter (1-4 guests)

*Effective 2018, single-hunter premium $500. Single hunters are not booked with others.

Guests arrive the night preceding their hunt and depart at lunch on the final day. Example, for 2.5-day hunts, arrive Sunday and hunt Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, OR arrive Wednesday and hunt Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. For 5-day hunt, arrive Sunday and hunt Monday through Friday.

nova scotia sink box duck hunt


Nova Scotia duck hunts include:

  • Fully-guided hunts and professional guide services
  • B&B lodging
  • Meals to include excellent fresh local seafood
  • Daily transfers to hunting sites
  • Nova Scotia duck hunting license and watefowl stamp
  • AMMO! (3-inch Kent Steel)
  • Federal and Provincial taxes
  • Freezer storage of trophies and meat


Not Included

Nova Scotia duck hunting packages do not include:

  • US Federal Duck Stamp – BRING from home
  • Bird dressing and meat preparation
  • Wine, Beer and Spirits (available locally)
  • Car rental
  • Items of a strictly personal nature
  • Travel Protection (trip insurance)

An old copy of hunter’s US license must be sent to us at time of booking so that Nova Scotia hunting license and stamps may be attained.

nova scotia duck hunting

What To Bring

Nova Scotia Duck Hunt – What to Bring

Duck hunting in Nova Scotia from a sink box entails wind and some ocean spray, possibly some rain – like duck hunting the world over.  Sink box duck hunting takes places in marine environment and as with all sea duck hunting, salt water spray is expected. Clean your firearms accordingly, and lube removable chokes.

  • Chest waders
  • Parka (water-proof, wind-proof)
  • Warm cap, gloves
  • Layers to be added or removed as needed
  • Waterproof blind bag or dry box
  • 12 gauge shotguns choced IC – MOD
  • Gun sleeve for shotgun transport
  • Ice chest for bringing home trophies
  • GPS for driving to camp, or for sight-seeing the area

Preceding your trip, complete Form 4457 USCBP Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad for firearms (suggested for all travel with firearms) and Canadian Non-resident Firearm Declaration (completed in triplicate but unsigned until requested by agent to do so).

Customer Testimonials

Nova Scotia sink box duck hunting experience was good. For someone wanting a black duck hunt, this may likely be the best in the world.

Great hosts and the Nova Scotia sink box duck hunting experience was good.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we lost about half of our hunting days. However I thought the guide delivered what was advertised. Hunters should understand that hunting in Nova Scotia in December (or sea duck hunting anywhere in December) can be very weather dependent. The sink box experience was unique and something I’ve never experienced before.  Also the number of black ducks in Nova Scotia is exceptional.  For someone wanting a black duck hunt, this may likely be the best in the world. I have had multiple very good trips with GetDucks.com now and all have gone well. I was a long time client of Fin and Feather Safaris and believe I will now have a long-term relationship with GetDucks.

Geof Smith

Referenced hunt: Nova Scotia Sink box Duck Hunting

During my recent Nova Scotia sink box duck hunt, the hunting was good and food was great. The hosts were very nice and made me feel right at home. GetDucks.com’s communication is the very best. I remain a loyal repeat customer.

During my recent Nova Scotia sink box duck hunt, the hunting was good and food was great.  The hosts were very nice and made me feel right at home. I enjoyed hunting from the sink box. It was a differant experience. And the number of black ducks were incredible. The only negative was that there weren’t really any other species to hunt besides black ducks and long tails. That was ok because that’s exactly what I wanted to hunt.  GetDucks.com’s communication is the very best. All questions were answered. I was issued all paper work and information that was needed for this hunt to be a success. I remain a loyal repeat customer.

Jason Bunch

Referenced hunt: Nova Scotia Sink Box Duck Dunt

sink box duck hunting nova scotia

Awesome experience I will never forget

The second Nova Scotia sinkbox duck hunt of our trip was the fastest time ever witnessed by our guide to a two man limit of oldsquaws – and he’s been taking folks for 20 yrs.  The black duck hunting was incredible.  Anyone that says this Nova Scotia duck hunting trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity has never been.  It wont be “once” for me. Awesome experience I will never forget. Big thanks to Ramsey and Anita at GetDucks.com, and to our our Nova Scotia hosts for making it happen.


Nova Scotia…finest pay hunt I have been on…

GetDucks.com’s Nova Scotia duck hunt was absolutely the finest pay hunt I have been on.  It’s not about a million dollar lodge, we stayed in our guide’s comfortable home. It was 100% about the hunt and experience. We had great hunts for oldsquaw from traditional sink boxes, but the highlight was black duck hunting.  I had built the Black Duck up to a near mythical status in my head as being one of those birds I might never kill.  One day we sat up under a large spruce tree in an overflow area, worked groups of 20-30 black ducks and soon had our 2 limits – 12 black ducks total.  It was an amazing day for me, one of legend that I shall not soon forget.

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