Maned Duck

Maned Duck (Chenonetta jubata), also commonly known as the Australian Wood Duck or Maned Goose, is a dabbling duck with an incredibly unique body shape. Their head is quite small compared to their body, and the back of their head can look like it protrudes. Matching their small head, Maned Duck bills are short and blunt. The neck is short yet slender and leads to its bulbous body and short legs. Around their large eyes is chestnut plumage that extends halfway down their neck. It abruptly changes to cream and brown scalloping on the breast and the sides are highly vermiculated with black and white, and looks solid gray from a distance.

Maned Duck females overall have similar plumage. They have lighter brown plumage on the head and two eye streaks, one above and below the eyes. The plumage gradually changes to brown and white scalloping, which continues to the flanks.

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