Spotted Tinamou (Common Perdiz)

The Spotted Tinamou (Nothura maculosa) is also known as a Common Perdiz or Spotted Nothura. This small bird is buff and measures less than a foot in length. Their plumage is tan, brown, and dark brown. The majority of their torso plumage is simply, yet intricately streaked. This characteristic is created by the inner parts of the feathers displaying chestnut and dark brown blocks that are outlines in a light tan or cream color. Everything from their neck to the beak is long and elegant, with the beak also being somewhat thin. Their brown eyes appear a bit large in comparison to their head’s size. The rest of their body is rotund and contrasts sharply from the elongated upper body. Leg and feet color can range from tan to brown. Plumage does vary greatly within their range, which includes nine recognized subspecies.