Ready To Pull The Trigger

Ready to pull the trigger?© is a Ramsey Russell’s signature tagline used to promote sales and services in print- and online-media. Ready to pull the trigger?©, with or without the question mark, has been used since May 2012. All rights reserved.

Ready to pull the trigger? Ramsey Russell ‘s is a full-time, full-service agency specializing in wing shooting with major emphasis on trophy duck species and duck hunting adventures. It’s duck season somewhere. Your trip of a lifetime deserves – and receives – our full attention.

Other taglines reserved by Ramsey Russell’s

The best hunting buddies are the ones you raise© The best hunting partners are the ones you raise yourself©

Happiness is a heavy duck strap©

I GetDucks©, iGetDucks©, we GetDucks©

The best 3 duck hunts are your first, your last and your next©

Best 3 duck hunts – the first, the last and the next©

It’s duck season – in Mexico©

It’s duck season – in Argentina©

It’s duck season – in Uruguay©

It’s duck season – in Peru©

It’s duck season – in Alaska©

It’s duck season – in New Zealand©

It’s duck season – in Africa©

It’s duck season©

MY LAB’S FAVORITE DUCK? THE NEXT ONE!™ (various labs with various species)©


When times are tough and flocks are small, take your time and kill them all©

Dumb trump pretty©Easy trumps pretty©, Eager trumps pretty©, Willing trumps pretty©

Spoon & Crockett© Ramzilla©

The perfect duck season is 6 months long and twice per year. It’s duck season somewhere.©