After traveling with I recommend them to you without reservation.

doug%20larson_200x272I have been hunting ducks, and traveling places to hunt ducks, for just about 30 years now (and started long enough ago that “old style” camo was the only camo). I promise you that I have run across just about every combination of guide, outfitter, travel agent, and indian chief that there has ever been in the hunting travel business. After traveling with I recommend them to you without reservation. Ramsey Russell is the guy that is meant to be in the hunting travel business. He doesn’t get tangled up in frills like some agencies; quality hunting experiences are paramount so unless it accompanies unequalled wingshooting, you’ll have book the wine tour elsewhere. is nuts and bolts, gunpowder and mud. They will get you to your destination, get you home, and make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to in both directions. He takes this business personally and is never too busy to unravel occasional travel problems – he’ll call you on your cell, he’ll do it after 5 pm or on a weekend. He’s done it for me and he’ll do it for everyone, every time. Ramsey loves duck hunting, and when he is not arranging hunts for his clients, he hunts ducks with close friends and family. is purposefully a family company, a specialty company that does just one thing really, really, well: They deliver quality bird hunting experiences. I respect that.  Isn’t that just the kind of outfit you want to do business with in the first place?

Doug Larsen, author of Don’t Shoot the Decoys and The Duck Gods Must be Crazy, regular contributor to Ducks Unlimited magazine, Sporting Classics magazine, The Retriever Journal, Shooting Sportsman, Texas Sporting Journal and others, and co-host of Beretta Waterfowler’s Edge.