Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.

Thanks to the good folks at that arranged our excellent Alaska King Eider hunting trip.  We have hunted ducks on four different continents, but this Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.  We enjoyed the shooting, the pristine nature of the island and the thrill of being out on the open ocean water. This hunt took place out of St. Paul Island, Alaska, located in the Bering Sea and arguably the best king eider hunting destination in the world.

The guide staff are seasoned hunters.  They have intimate knowledge of the waters around St. Paul and understand the bird flight patterns like the back of their hands.  Their attention to detail and concern for the safety of the client puts one at ease when hunting in extreme weather and frigid seas. The accommodations are, most importantly, warm and the food is good and plentiful.   The numbers of king eiders, Harlequin ducks, white-winged scoters and old squaws (long-tail ducks) is truly astounding.  It is also possible to bag Pacific eider and black scoters. We limited on king eiders and Harlequin and then opted to only take a representative few of the other species. understands duck hunters and are very responsive to clients.  They are readily available to answer any question concerning the hunt, including transportation, interim lodging, insurance and necessary gear.  If you are a serious sea duck hunter, this King eider duck hunt in Alaska is a must!

Kinsey and Mona Robinson

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