Can’t say enough good things about Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting Combo

I can’t say enough good things about Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting Combo. From the bird boys all the way to the outfitter himself, everyone made every moment super enjoyable, whether it was hunting or non-hunting! My dad and I had as much fun hanging out with the staff as we did hunting. Every day’s hunting trips were extremely well planned out with seamless transitions. I enjoyed the extreme diversity of species and types of hunting available. I was thoroughly impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff were. They would get just as excited about us shooting ducks and dove as we were! This was truly an amazing, once in a lifetime father-son hunt with my dad.

Anita Russell was always super responsive and helpful. I feel like everything was totally taken care of for me and I was never left wondering about anything.’s organization of all required payments, paperwork, and communications not only with me but with the outfitter about my desired species priorities. This was my 2nd Mexico trip I’ve booked through them, and I have not been disappointed in the least with their services!

Dustin Kuehn

Referenced Hunt: Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting Combo