Obregon Mexico duck hunt was fantastic!

Obregon Mexico duck hunt was fantastic! We had a couple of mornings that were slower than the outfitter expected, but the outfitter made a change and we had tremendous shooting opportunities for the rest of our days. Including two memorable hunts of a lifetime. We were also able to take Pacific brant limits and our trophy target, elegant quail.

One hunt stands out in my mind where we hiked out about 400 yards through the mud to a blind the guys had built that morning on a marsh. We had a slow hunt in the morning and the outfitter was eager for us to have a good hunt. Once we were in place the birds just piled in almost a fast as we could load the guns. We shot cinnamon teal, bluewing teal, pintails and Mexican mallards. Group after group, all no farther than 25 yards. It was crazy.

Scott Chapman

Referenced Hunt: Obregon Mexico Duck Hunt