Seeing the paradise ducks decoy so readily was beautiful. was fantastic, responded quickly to inquiries and I recommend you for this New Zealand duck hunting trip.

“Seeing the paradise ducks decoy so readily was beautiful. There were plenty of ducks, but we had to go find them (i.e. it was a hunt, not a harvest). The challenge of shooting in a gale-force nor’wester was energizing! I enjoyed shooting 5 shells – I had three birds on the ground in one volley (and plenty of misses as well!). I love the landscape around Hanmer and we were very lucky to have sunshine both days.

Our New Zealand host-guide, John, was very easy to be with, clear in his directions, did good calls and had good eyes. He had done his homework about where the ducks were hanging out, though the ducks didn’t fully co-operate on day 2. Nevertheless, he found them and we had very good shooting. I liked the blind set-up. It was very clever, and portable, and easy to put up and take down. Swivel buckets would be an improvement on the seating but what we had worked for me.

I loved the apres-hunting wine and hors d’oeuvres, and having my non-hunting friends join us was a bonus. We were very well looked after by Robin and the chefs. Robin was fantastic, just like an old friend. Bruce getting a double on mallards was good! Chasing away the hawks from the kills was memorable. Having lunch delivered to the field was very spiffy. was fantastic, responded quickly to inquiries and I recommend you for this New Zealand duck hunting trip.”

Anne Kania

Referenced Hunt:  Duck Hunting in New Zealand

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