Argentina Duck Species

There are 14 common Argentina duck species encountered. A few more South American duck species are far less common. Argentina is a very large country. Some species are more abundant is some regions than in others, and some species use highly specific habitats.  The most common species of Argentina ducks are rosy-billed pochard, fulvous whistling duck, white-faced whistling duck, yellow-billed pintail, white-cheeked pintail, red shoveler, Brazilian duck, speckled teal, ringed teal, silver teal, cinnamon teal and chiloe wigeon.

While many first-time guests want to put their hands on as many new species as possible, others favor programs with high densities of hard-charging, decoying rosy-billed pochards. Most hunters are vacationing and simply want to experience the tremendous waterfowl flights, steaks and camp atmosphere for which Argentina is famous. For over 15 years, Argentina duck hunting has been’s chief specialty. Working with a hand-selected collection of long-time proven outfitters, we have the perfect Argentina duck hunt for everyone. Choose among duck-only or duck-dove-perdiz combination programs. The following videos describe common Argentina duck species in greater detail.


Discussing a typical line-up of Argentina ducks with Will Brantley, Editor, Field & Stream during a hunt at our most-popular Argentina Duck Hunt (Las Flores):


Nobody but nobody owns and commands rosy-billed pochards like our long-time outfitter at our most-popular Argentina duck hunt (Las Flores).  Here’s how they expertly work those rosy-billed pochards into the decoys:


Located in some of the wildest and unspoiled duck country in South America, our remote Argentina duck hunting adventure (Rio Salado), is host to a full spectrum of Argentina duck species.  Here, Ramsey discusses an array of Argentina ducks: