Beyond The Birds

Ramsey Russell 2020
From Mississippi, Ramsey Russell is a certified wildlife biologist and full-time consultant specialized in worldwide trophy duck hunting adventures.

For Ramsey Russell, duck hunting is about the passion, the quest, the authenticity of adventure. The Delta native and owner of explains, “Somewhere in the world, it’s always duck season—even in the most remote, wild, pure destinations on the planet. Of course, there are ducks galore in many places we hunt, some incredibly unique species; but for me, it’s not about collecting trophies or accruing numbers, it’s about collecting experiences.” 

His passion for hunting was spawned in the Mississippi Delta where he enjoyed quality time spent with his grandfather who introduced him to fishing on Lake Ferguson as well as the pageantry of dove hunting near Inverness. When Ramsey reached junior high, his family moved from Greenville to Jackson, but he continued down the path, explaining, “I’ve just always been enamored with outdoor adventures.” Throughout college at Mississippi State University, where he received a degree in Forestry and Wildlife, he first began exploring hunting venues by working on a massive ranch along the Mexico border. He then had opportunities to hunt with friends in the U.S. and began dreaming about at the time about hunting Canada. He, however, attributes his resolute focus on the sport to a life-altering event.

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