Blue-Winged Teal Kickoff

blue-winged tealFounder and owner of, Ramsey Russell, travels the world in pursuit of waterfowl. He’s hunted and shot teal around the globe, exotic species such as silver, cape and Brazilian teal included, but he still enjoys teal hunting at home in Mississippi. Russell also makes shorts trips to Louisiana and Texas to hunt with friends in the two largest blue-winged teal staging areas in the U.S.

“The start of hunting season in the south begins with doves. Soon after though, the blue-winged teal hunting season arrives and it’s duck season all over again,” Russell said. “You start working on blinds, running the rivers, fishing the lakes and everyone is seeing blue-wings here and there as early as August. Those sightings get your blood pumping for the return of migrating ducks. Around that time of year, something in the wing changes and you know it’s coming.”

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