real argentina duck huntingSearching for new and better duck hunting is the nature of the beast, but true bearings for real Argentina duck hunting began nearly a decade ago during convention. While describing decadent accommodations, haughty wine lists and over the top chef specialties came an interruption. “No offense, son,” the man beneath a big Stetson drawled, “But if I want all that stuff (only he didn’t say stuff), I’ll take my wife to Italy. We want to shoot the heck (only he didn’t say heck) out of ducks and made to feel comfortable like we’re at our camp among our own kind of people. Show me some sure-enough Argentina duck hunting. We’re real duck hunters, you know?”

The GetDucks brand favors real Argentina duck hunting experiences – consistently high-quality shooting, comfortable lodging and dining, excellent guides, sincere hospitality. As genuine American duck hunters ourselves, we do know real duck hunting.

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