No Science No Duck Hunting?

no science no duck huntingRegards Australia Duck Hunting, anti-hunters claim that ducks are 75% below the survey long-term average, including a 58% decline from 2020 to 2021. For many it’s a compelling argument despite the survey’s much broader margin of error and decades narrower “long-term average” compared to North Americas breeding population survey.

“There’s not a place anywhere in the world, Australia included, that’s even a close second to what we have in place in North America,” said Ramsey Russell, who, as proprietor of, is a leading expert on worldwide waterfowling “It’s uniquely American. We’re passionate about the resource, we care about its perpetuity, and we’ve created a multi-billion dollar system that funds state, federal, and university monitoring.”

Lacking this level of population and hunter harvest data, it’s far more challenging to counter a claim that ducks are declining and hunting is to blame. Brice experienced this while attending Victoria’s “Select Committee” hearings on duck hunting…


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