Pacific Flyway: Historic Waterfowling Images

Pacific FlywayTo this day, it still amazes me that my own grandfather’s half-century worth of hunting and fishing experiences can be summarized in a slender binder of maybe a couple dozen old self-adhesive pages. In just a few page flips, black-and-white photos transition to time-yellowed color photos of tar-papered camp cabins across the river; of fabled wet dogs that made legendary retrieves, talked about at more family suppers than can be remembered; of smiling little boys who became my father, uncle and family friends; and of my grandfather himself, the man who had grown much older by the time he mentored me.

I’ve spent countless hours studying those photos of bygone times. And I’ve oftentimes wondered if Grandfather would have written detailed captions— which is to say, any at all — had he known how treasured a family possession like that single album would become. Because, see, those old photos are the perfect summation of my own past, present and future as pertains to waterfowl hunting.

Photographs are powerful like that. And Yancey Forest-Knowles and Dr. Wayne Capooth, two accomplished old-school duck hunters who grew up hunting the Pacific Flyway and Mississippi Flyway, respectively, and are well aware of it. Their passions led them to…


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