Outdoor Writers and Other Liars

new zealand duck hunting

Ramsey Russell’s terrific southern teal safari feature was one that I just loved recently (Sept. WF). He is an intuitive storyteller. I was supposed to make that trip with him but couldn’t, yet you were right there with him when you read it. Mouth-watering descriptions of food and peculiarities of southern life and teal obsession, all focused on everything but himself. Ramsey has not been a writer much until now, and is a real natural, yet he is also not a fan of a lot of outdoor writing, “because too much comes across like a bunch of neophytes masturbating their egos. The whole great thing about reading as a kid was falling off into a world unlike the one I was sitting in every day. That’s what it should always be. No one is buying autobiographies when they buy WILDFOWL, they’re buying themselves a vicarious visit into a duck blind they’ve never hunted.”

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