Greatest Retriever Stories Ever Told On The Podcast

Ramsey Russell Podcast

In this edition of The End Of The Line podcast, I look back on the best retriever stories ever told and there have been some good ones. First, we start it off with a story from one of my good friends and it comes from one of the most requested episodes ever. It is the story of Justin Harrison(Gator) and his dog Gauge. Then, We can’t do a greatest dog podcast without including Pat, Patrick, and Stephen Pitt. They talk about how important a good retriever is to a hunt and then they talk about some of the most memorable and last retrieves with some of their retrievers. Then, we look back on the story of Tess the Wonder Dog with her owner Steve Horn. Tess was a dog that was shot in the head on a duck hunt in the MS Delta and survived miraculously. Finally, we close it out talking to Ramsey Russell about the most famous hunting partner he ever shared a blind with. It wasn’t a person. It was a retriever and maybe the most famed that has ever lived.