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MOJO’S Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Brandon Cereke AND Lee Kjos, Old School

Brandon Cerecke and Lee Kjos of BOSS Shotshells join Ramsey for a fast-and-furious roundhouse, full-on old school discussion. Plowing like a meteor through a snowbank, the trio talk about shotguns, chokes, patterns, exciting new BOSS copper-plated bismuth  shotshell developments, duck season expectations, and good ol’ rock-n-roll!  What’re the boys readying for duck season? Is there really a sub-gauge revolution happening in America? Why are young hunters now shooting grandad’s generations-old safe queen, or suddenly buying hunting shotguns older than their dad?  Who’s listening to what, memorable concerts and what does Kjos propose as a future episode topic?


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Robbie Kroger, In the Blood

It’s all about hunting values. It’s a cold January morning preceding Dallas Safari Club. Blood Origins producer Robbie Kroger breaks for coffee with Ramsey Russell before interviewing Weatherby Award winners. In a time that sport hunting is increasingly marginalized, that trophy hunting is said to be evil, Robbie’s Blood Origins project has given an authentic, selfless voice to hunting. Why it’s “in the blood” speaks importantly to the non-hunting majority and to hunters themselves. What’s your why?

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Brandon Cerecke, American Made

Brandon Cerecke, BOSS Shotshells, joins Ramsey Russell for a candid duck blind type chat about COVID-19 and the American way of life. How have Brandon’s blue-collar roots shaped his work ethic, ingenuity, and innovation? What new BOSS Shotshells products are coming down the pipeline and what’s driving their product-line expansion? They wrap up discussing father-son hunting plans for this fall when things resume normalcy.

Bigwater, The Foodie

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? Bigwater and Ramsey talk about different routines, recent discoveries and newly developed habits since the world stopped spinning as usual. Then end up sinking their teeth into food – at home and abroad.  And then there’s the case of mistaken identity.

Luke Naylor, Arkansas Greentree Reservoir Management

Forest management is all about habitat. Luke Naylor is State Waterfowl Program Coordinator for Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.  Two years ago, the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission began intensively managing State-owned greentree reservoirs to include dewatering and timber harvesting.   Why were these activities prescribed? How will duck hunting be affected near-term and in future seasons? Great discussion about conserving a national treasure long-term.

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Terry Denmon, Remembering Mike Morgan

Terry Denmon, Mojo Outdoors, and Ramsey Russell remember their good friend, the late Mike Morgan. They recall memorable times duck hunting together and make plans for the future.

Ira McCauley, Locust Grove Duck Camp

It’s early-November in northwestern Missouri and a cold front is blowing in. Temps are plummeting, snow is likely.  From Locust Grove Duck Camp, Ira McCauley and Ramsey Russell visit over a final nightcap, talking about all things Missouri duck hunting . Tomorrow comes Heaven, the duck blind.

Glenn Falla, Australia Duck Hunting

Aussie Glenn Falla and Ramsey Russell connect from half-way across the world, reminiscing about past duck hunts together in the US and Down Under, recounting striking similarities and differences, and comparing memorable species.  The pandemic presently has their feet nailed to the floor, but they plan future hunts together – Australia is a big continent, after all. Glenn’s closing thought hits home.

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Jack Ray, Utah’s “Duck Fever”

Jack Ray is President of Utah Waterfowl Association, an avid hunter, conservationist and local historian. He colorfully describes a mostly unknown facet of American waterfowling history – Utah’s Great Basin. At the height of US market hunting, when passenger pigeons eclipsed the sun and divers carpeted Chesapeake Bay, why was Utah revered as the world’s best duck hunting? What historical events literally transformed duck hunting as we know it today? How important is this crown jewel to North America and what measures have been taken to preserve historical and biological values? Riveting episode.

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Lee Kjos, Classic Rock

Grounded from their normally hectic travel schedules due to worldwide COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, Ramsey Russell and photographer Lee Kjos recount meeting while duck hunting in the epic, 1870s-like Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting destination, but having formed a brothers-from-different-mothers bond over shared appreciation for classic rock music. Like duck blind conversations are apt to do, they fall off into a time-warp conversation.

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