A great Canada goose hunt!

testimonial006_200x150Thanks for getting me set up on a great Canada goose hunt! This being my first hunt out of country you made sure I had all bases covered. Everything was as good as or better than you described. The Alberta Canada goose hunting was the best it gets. I was a little nervous about booking an outfitted trip from some of the stories I had heard, but after talking with you, knowing your expectations of good and that you hunt with each outfitter beforehand made my decision easier.

You let me know about anything that may not be satisfactory up front so I could make a decision based on the entire trip not just the highlights like so many other people try to do. On that very first morning when the geese were pouring in and it was almost time to shoot you told me I was fixing to experience something I’d never forget. It only took 14 minutes to get our group’s limit of honkers that morning, but you were right. I’ll remember that week forever. I am looking forward to my next waterfowl hunt through GetDucks.com, maybe south of the equator.

Bradley Reid

Referenced Hunt: Canada Goose Hunting in Alberta Canada