Argentina duck hunting trip could not have been any better

Our Argentina duck hunting trip could not have been any better. From the outstanding shooting opportunities to the incredible accommodations, this trip was simply the best. We were greeted at the lodge by the entire staff and were completely taken care of at all times. The food was outstanding at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The rooms were clean and very spacious. The beds were huge and very comfortable. Every room had a fireplace and the fire was kept burning by lodge staff. This really was a fabulous hunting experience.

My best memories of the trip are shooting boatloads of ducks with my best hunting partner, my Dad. My favorite hunt was the last day when we were in a picture perfect marsh and both dad and I were shooting well. We shot many species of Argentina ducks.

I don’t think’s service could be improved. We had a missed flight issue and they completely took care of this. We did not miss one minute of hunting due to this airline delay. Ramsey is a real person who has been there. He knows what hunters expect and anticipates their needs. When I looked for an Argentina duck hunt I found many outfitters trying to do too much and not really know specifics about the hunt I wanted to go on.  Ramsey knew the hunt and could confidently answer questions that I had. I felt like I could trust him and his opinions. When you make reservations over the phone and by looking at a website, trust is the most important thing. is trustworthy. Everything was taken care of. The lodge, hunt, and transfers were as described.

It is a difficult thing to know what to pack when you are going that far away. We ended up using the waders they had available at the lodge. These were fine and saved us a lot of weight in our luggage. Also, the waders we own would have been way too hot for the temps there. I thought the packing list was a bit sparse, but after going I found you really don’t need too much.

I would love to go again.

Richard Roemer

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