I will never forget this Oklahoma turkey hunting trip

I spoke extensively with Ramsey on the phone to let him know what my goals were and the emails had given me all the information I needed to know what needed to be done before the trip and where to buy tags and be fully prepared for the Oklahoma turkey hunt. The outfitter was very good at building my confidence as I am new to turkey hunting and inexperienced. He manages his animals and lands very well. The whole camp atmosphere was great and very comfortable and friendly. My best memory is all the coaching and advice I received from the other hunters and the outfitter. It will make me a better hunter in the future and the calling of the birds and his set ups were a great learning tool for me to use in the future. There were so many great memories from the different wildlife, landscapes, weather, new friends and of course beautiful Rio Grande turkeys…. I will never forget this trip…. EVERYTHING was exceptional.

Terrah Evenson

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